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Even before the journey commences, both veteran travelers and novices have so many decisions to make before embarking on a vacation. Your fantasy might be to reach the highest mountain, to chill to the sounds of the ocean or to actually stand in the place you read about in your last book.

AMT Travel, an American Express Travel Representative, has the travel experts to get you anywhere in the world in luxury and style. With over 25 years in the business, countless numbers of voyages spanning the world,and certified professionals, we can advise you on all your travel needs including helping you choose from among the world's finest cruise lines, such as Princess, Holland, or Oceania, for your holiday adventure.
On board one of these companies' luxury cruise ships, you'll experience 5-star accommodation and the finest standards of service, facilities, entertainment and off-board adventures.
AMT Travel’s main goal is to exceed your expectations by planning the very best vacation possible. We offer packages to locations that complement your personal preferences and tastes, hobbies and way of life.
Known in the market as the leader in global escorted American Express Tours, AMT American Express Travel offers a large assortment of destination spots in an array of travel models. The world is your oyster; whether you are looking to uncover Europe’s greatest cities or venture out to see the world’s most enchanting locations, American Express Tours allows you to visit over 60 countries on six continents.
And being a member has its benefits. At AMT American Express Travel, we support our loyal customers by offering pre-negotiated tour rates. Clients routinely return to AMT Travel because our specialists make it their goal to coordinate the “complete package”. Our job never stops: we will get you that upgrade, check on flight times, organize all travel documents, get you the best exchange click to learn more about taking a journey rate, select the optimum excursion and let you know what to pack.
AMT Travel not only takes you around the world 24, we also guarantee travel services around the clock. We aim to make sure that you travel without any concerns, hassle or worry. So, while you prepare your suitcase, we will do the rest.

The Best Destinations for the Perfect Honeymoon

Let’s not ignore the memorable honeymoon holiday that comes after the “I do’s”. These days more and more cruise lines and holiday resorts are catering to newlyweds by including special honeymoon deals with lots of romantic extras. Some of the first experiences honeymooners should share include a place to unwind and rejuvenate, and somewhere to make lifetime memories. There are lots of destinations to pick from where you can share your first romantic moments as a married couple.

You’ve been swept away by your sweetheart and now you want to create the ultimate honeymoon.
From the Atlantic to the Pacific, newlyweds in the US have the privilege of having so many destination choices wherever their pursuits take them, from mountains, snow covered peaks, to beautiful beaches.
Head to San Francisco, California, where can marvel at the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge and then travel down to Los Angeles where you’ll see the famous Hollywood sign.
New York City's experienced innkeepers know how to host honeymoon couples and other romantics in exceptional fashion.
So, (step out of the bedroom and absorb the sites and sounds the Big Apple has to give.
Hawaii’s striking beaches and hidden coves; first-class hotels; fresh, inventive cuisine; water sports galore; extraordinary natural beauty; and optimal weather make it one of the world’s top-notch honeymoon destinations.
Florida is full of choices whether you’re a fan of the beach, a Disney enthusiast, or a true romantic who wants to take in the sight of a beautiful sunset.
And don’t forget Las Vegas. Its bright lights and 24-hour excitement make it the perfect destination for honeymooners who prefer late-night action over lounging on a beach.
Europe’s cultural marvels, varied cuisines and relaxing shores make it a great honeymoon destination.
Paris, the City of Love, makes for the ideal destination to honeymoon:; a place where lovers can people-watch by day and delight in a intimate walk under the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower at night.
Find your way over to Italy and enjoy its many wonders, from its historical marvels, delightful food, and world-renowned fashion, to name just a few.
Escape to Tuscany for its idyllic vistas, a taste of the region's well-know Chianti wine, its delightful little towns as well as its cities steeped in art and history. In Venice you’ll see and hear the crooning of the gondolieri who glide along the waterways of the City of Water and you’ll marvel at the creativeness of the masks worn during Carnival time.
Austria is filled with charming little towns and historic cities starting with Vienna. Its art- and music-focused attractions make this destination a favorite for couples with a preference for a cultural expedition.
Salzburg, considered one of Austria’s most charming cities, is well known for its divine chocolate “Sachertorte”, striking architecture and tranquil settings, in addition to its being the backdrop for the “Sound of Music”.
The choice of places to visit in Spain run the gamut from the historic, the natural wonder, to the sunny coasts and party islands.
Combined with intricate architecture and Spanish folklore, Seville is an enchanting city ideal for honeymooners to uncover. By day, you can meander through its luxurious palaces and parks. Don't forget to recover your strength with a reviving siesta just before going out on the town for some late-night dancing. Greece’s blue waters and dazzling whitewashed houses make for interesting stories to take back home. Don't forget to accompany the extra fresh seafood and other delicacies with a good dose of ouzo.
The South Pacific offers amazing honeymoons.
Travel to the South Pacific islands of Fiji and Tahiti, both recognized as some of the world’s best honeymoon locations. Both islands boast miles and miles of peaceful, breathtaking shores as well as some seriously amazing living arrangements. Many properties boast over-water suites, so you may even see some tropical fish swim below glass panels under the coffee table.
Due to its small size, in one single trip to New Zealand honeymooners can experience its many natural wonders from its striking alpine peaks, peaceful beaches, sparkling lakes to its expansive vineyards.
Or if a more exciting honeymoon is what you’re looking for, there are stand-alone “bush lodges" outfiited with plush bedding, separate living spaces and private decks where you can relax after a day of adventuring.
A honeymoon in Central America is perfect for nature-loving couples.
Chic, eco-luxe lodgings are surrounded by lush jungles to trek through and beach-side retreats to reflect. In Costa Rica you can relax on a comfortable hammock and watch native creatures like monkeys swing from tree to tree.
With its warm climate and beautiful beaches, Mexico is the perfect place to escape from the colder areas in the US. It is click to discover: trips abroad a country full of Mayan ruins such as those discovered near the seashore in Tulum, or Chichen Itza, named one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.
Honeymooning in Southeast Asia or Indonesia provides a combination of beauty, beaches, and a unique culture all in one place. Expect to find over-water bungalows perched above crystal-clear waters, cozy daybeds to cuddle, not to mention private decks, the perfect place to spring into the warm ocean. You can expect to find rooms styled with elegant furnishings, modern-day features as well as more traditional elements like local woods and thatched roofs.
Honeymooning in Africa is an adventure beyond compare.
Devote your days to action-packed game drives, walking safaris, fishing expeditions, canoe trips or simply reading that book you've been craving to read facing a hippo-filled river. Toast to married life before a camp fire as you look up to watch the star-studded sky and enjoy the sounds of the African bush, with an occasional roar here and there.
The “Real Africa”, as Zambia is commonly called, is a place to explore authentic wilderness without the distraction of big crowds.Honeymooners looking for adventure and a chance to experience nature up close have turned into it a popular destination. Home to some of the most isolated and untainted wildlife areas in Africa, there is no end to the amazing sunsets and instances of harmony and tranquility.
For newlyweds wishing to have a range of experiences in one spot, South Africa is the perfect destination with its Big 5 game reserves, scenic wine routes, pristine beaches and breathtaking mountain ranges. It has been labeled the “Rainbow Nation” because of the many distinctive cultures living there.
Mauritius, a very popular destination among newlyweds, is an island which lies about 1,200 miles off the southeast coast of Africa. This island on the Indian Ocean, with its year-round good weather and palm-fringed fabulous beaches, ticks of all the boxes as an idyllic, romantic getaway. Honeymooners will find that Mauritius offers a blend of activity, plenty of chances to just lay back and relax, luxurious accommodations and the personal service they seek for such a momentous time.
Combine a trip to the small sanctuary that is the island of Seychelles before moving onto the ultra-modern and extravagant city of Dubai.
Located in the tropical Indian Ocean, the Seychelles boasts a whole new level of privacy with its seclusive resorts and out of the way islands. When you and your new spouse are finished lounging on one of Seychelle’s beaches or exploring its natural beauty, you can go kayaking or snorkeling, or luxuriate in a spa treatment. And don’t forget the importance of pleasing your palate on your honeymoon. Indian, European and Creole influences have been combined to make up the flavor of Seychelle's delicious foods.
In complete contrast to the barefoot luxury of the Seychelles, Dubai is all giddy wealth and imposing skyscrapers. A dramatic blend of east meets west, this city is an oasis in the heart of the desert.
You will never ever run out of things to do in Dubai whether it's shopping at the Dubai Mall, or riding the elevator to the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa, or skiing down the indoor runs of Ski Dubai. Dubai, with its fusion of adventure, mystical Arabian flair and complete extravagance, make it the perfect destination for inquisitive honeymooners. Regardless of its modern image, it is still a spot with deeply rooted customs, so keep your kissing to more private settings.

The Main Characteristics of Ancient Greek Statues

The first freestanding statuary was designed by the Archaic Greeks, a recognized success since until then the only carvings in existence were reliefs cut into walls and columns. Kouros figures, statues of young, good-looking male or female (kore) Greeks, made up the majority of the statues. Regarded as by Greeks to represent beauty, the kouroi were structured into stiff, forward facing positions with one foot outstretched, and the male statues were usually nude, muscular, and fit. In about 650 BC, the variations of the kouroi became life-sized. The Archaic period was an amazing point of change for the Greeks as they extended into new forms of government, produced fresh expressions of art, and gained information of the men and women and cultures outside of Greece. However|Nevertheless|Nonetheless}, the Greek redirected here civilization was not slowed down by these fights.

Your Outdoor Living Area: A Great Spot for a Wall Fountain

A good way to enhance the appeal of your outdoor living area is to add a wall fountain or an exterior garden fountain to your landscaping or garden design. Contemporary designers and fountain builders alike use historic fountains and water features to shape their creations. As such, the effect of integrating one of these to your interior decor bridges it to past times. In addition to the wonderful attributes of garden fountains, they also generate water and moisture which goes into the air, thereby, drawing in birds as well as other creatures and harmonizing the environment. Flying, bothersome insects, for instance, are frightened off by the birds congregating near the fountain or birdbath.

Spouting or cascading fountains (grotto info) are not the best alternative for a small garden since they occupy a great deal of space. Two possibilities to choose from include either a freestanding type with an even back set against a fence or wall in your garden, or a wall-mounted, self-contained type which hangs on a wall. Be sure to include a fountain mask to an existing wall and a basin to collect the water at the bottom if you want to add a fountain to your living area. The plumbing and masonry work necessary for this kind of work requires know-how, so it is best to employ a skilled person rather than do it yourself.

A Gnome’s Caring

The gnome cares for other creatures much a lot more than almost every other species on the planet. They've got existed For most Many a long time and it is thought that prior to humans arrived alongside or created a great deal that gnomes experienced extensive cities made of important metals and stones. The gnomes chose not to acquire technology outside of the simple mechanical phase.

When human society formulated along with the human population greater drastically, gnomes selected to share the entire world with individuals as an alternative to turning into indignant. As quite a few think, the gnome doesn’t stress and is able to far more fully comprehend the implications of their steps. They decided to aid tutorial humans inside their development and observe in excess of them as they might any of one other species in the world.

There are numerous races of gnomes, all get the job done to provide character in some way. The underground gnome watches lodes of treasured metals and stones and will work each methods In terms of human mining. Underground gnomes are already acknowledged to hide lodes of metals and stones from miners or divert miners far from lodes in attempt to keep individuals from about mining the earth, but gnomes will also be inherently beneficial and tend to observe in excess of hapless miners in attempt to alert them of the many potential risks of mining.

Your home gnome likes to navigate to this site watch around the house, babysitting youngsters and infrequently doing light residence chores including sweeping. It absolutely was a lot more popular before for a gnome to assist with the chores, but recent innovations for instance vacuums and new cleansers allow it to be tricky for the gnome to work unseen and unheard.

There are reports in the farm gnome serving to the milk maid by milking the cows each morning prior to she wakes up, but once again as a consequence of recent developments the gnome finds it tough to conduct this chore. Normally a farm gnome will simply view above the livestock and warn a farmer if one thing is amiss. Or if a farmer isn’t using good enough care of the livestock the farm gnome will definitely Enable him find out about it.

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